Alex Kaplun 

Co-founder & CEO

                      Alex held senior management positions in financial institutions for 20 years, serving as: Senior VP and Director of the Business Division of Clal Insurance Group, Chairman of the Board Clal Holdings of Agencies LTD, VP and Marketing Director of Migdal Insurance Group and Member of the Board Directors of Clal Pension Funds.

Following his early retirement, Alex dedicated four years to the study and research of the field of Financial Gerontology and Retirement in the University of Haifa, and the foundation and development of FUTURING UP. Alex earned a BA in Economics and Accounting, an MBA in Marketing, and MA in Financial Gerontology. Alex is proud Argentinian, married with 3 children, lives in Mevasseret Zion.

Shoshy Borenstein 

Co-Founder and COO

                       Shoshy is an expert in Human Resource and a leading                        Organizational Consultant expert in employment and personal and organizational changes with 15 years of management experience in insurance and Telecom organizations. Shoshy earned a BA in Sociology and Anthropology, an MA with honor in Organizational Development, and is a Certified Coach and Mediator. Shoshy has dedicated the last four years to the study of behavioral sciences in the context of employment, retirement and foundation and development of FUTURING UP. Shoshy is married and mother of two grown sons, lives in Jerusalem.

Prof. Dan Ariely


                     Dan Ariely is a professor of behavioral economics, a faculty  member at Duke University, and was head of research group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab. His books quickly became a bestseller on the New York Times and were translated into dozens of languages. Prof. Ariely is a partner in the company from its first day and deals with many of the major mistakes we all make in taking decisions. When asked if he could correct one mistake we all make, he replied, "I have no doubt that the biggest mistake i would correct is the inability to think in long term". Using the model developed in FUTURING UP the "Life Equilibrium Model", we will try to correct this mistake.

Eilon Tirosh

partner & Director

                          Eilon Tirosh is a high-tech entrepreneur and social investor.                    He founded five companies, invested in many others, and made several exits with great success. After he had a successfully exit in 2000, he joined the world of social activity and, as an entrepreneur in character, he founded "Yuvalim", a human capital fund, in 2003 to help reduce the deep gaps in Israel society. Eilon has been a partner in FUTURING UP almost since its inception and is involved mainly in the technology field and in paving the way for realizing the vision.

Professor Jonathan Smilansky

partner & Advisory Board Member

                          Professor Jonathan Smilansky is an  international expert  in                         career development  and talent management  and consultant to leading organizations in Israel and around the world. He is the Academic Director of the Center for Career Development at the Faculty of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University and lecturer in human resources management. He has 25 years of experience in US and UK as Global Human Resources VP at Universal and Meridian Hotels, Head of Internal Services at Visa International and a partner in the consulting firm "Hay Management Consultants". Prof. Smilansky has published books dealing with career changes. As a partner and as a special consultant in FUTURING UP, he is helping to build the necessary tools in the highly changing labor market and assimilating them into the model.

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