Alex Kaplun, Co-founder and CEO

Alex held senior management positions in financial institutions for 20 years, serving as the Senior Vice President and Director of the Business Division of an Israeli Insurance group and the VP and Marketing Director of Israeli pension funds. Following his early retirement, Alex dedicated four years to the study of gerontology, retirement, and the development of Futuring Up. Alex earned a BA in Economics and Accounting, an MBA in Marketing, and MA in Financial Gerontology. 

Shoshy Borenstein,  Co-Founder and COO            

An organizational development consultant and expert in personal and organizational change with 15 years of management experience in insurance and Telecom organizations, Shoshy earned a BA in Sociology and Anthropology, an MA in Organizational Development, and is a Certified Coach and Mediator. Shoshy has dedicated the last four years to the study of behavioral sciences in the context of retirement and the development of Futuring Up.


Prof. Dan Ariely is a world class behavioral economist and the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, USA.

Ofir Davidescu, Ph.D is one of the leading Israeli experts in crisis management and conflict resolution.

Eli Mizrahi is a Jerusalem-based grass roots social leader who has dramatically impacted the social landscape of the city. 

Eyal Dlugovitzky brings more than 20 years of experience managing large, complex technology software development projects from requirements to implementation.

Ortal Shmaltz an expert with vast experience in the domains of knowledge management, information science and training development.

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